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are and pacifica moderate monetary extremely high tides. we will speak with jackie sissel and find out where you may be expecting some flooding coming up. >> here's a live look at the golden gate bridge, scattered showers right now let's find out where it is falling. good morning erica >> good morning scattered pop up showers around bay area. not so much on the coastline anymore and has pushed its way east. i was a man as it is raining in your neighborhood. it is starting to dry out for san rafael however the reds in san revell bridge is picking up some light showers. you will need to use your windshield wipers. in the east shore freeway it is reading richmond on the berkeley but all is good at the bay bridge toll plaza. the peninsula has light rain for the bayshore freeway palo alto redwood city currently dry for a sunnyvale and cupertino. the zooming in on the south bay, light rain on highway 1 01. right around 87 dry with extra caution. i don't think flooding on the roadways will be that big of a concern because this is not a very moist system. it is bringing a lot of " cool air into the bay
at an apartment building near dixon st and vale this ave this morning. we are live on the scene with jackie sissel who has the very latest on the investigation. >> the flames are out at this point. investigators from the hayward fire department are going back inside of the is burned out apartment unit relatively stone to start their investigation. they said the fire at flea started around 4:00 a.m., that is when they got the call. they add to this multi unit apartment complex and found one unit completely engulfed. this is a two-story apartment complex and the unit was burning on both the upper and lower floors. they were sold at 2 people were inside, a mother and son. they were not able to evacuate without any injuries. the firefighters put out the flames relatively quickly and they put them out before they spread to other units in the complex. hopewell we're being told of the in the next doors of the one that was be that was completely burned there were four people inside that had to be evacuated. they're calling this potentially melissa's fire. -- malicious fire all and all we're talking six pe
expected to roll in later this morning. yesterday it flooded and the park and ride there. jackie sissel is keeping an eye on conditions this morning, i love the sign. subject to flooding. >> i was going to say if it's almost a certainty that you will see flooding out here. during the summer months we see flooding in this area of when we get high tides. this is the high tide of the entire year, today. yesterday we saw the first of the king tides role and. yesterday was 7.1, today is opposed to be 7.2 at 10 of 34. this will be of the golden gate bridge. they have warning signs out here. take a look at what a look like yesterday out here, it will be worse today. yesterday's about 3 ft. of sand and water in the parking ride. it was so bad they'd close the long run off route 21 01. we expect to see much of the same today. it is supposed to go on for the next two days. 10:34 a.m. is one we expect to see the high tide. probably the two hours after the fact we will see the flooding out here. people have been warned, they have changeable signs out here. people are parked out here. they are littl
francisco. everyone will be getting wet. let's start our team coverage with jackie sissel who is live on the richmond san revell bridge this morning. you may already feel the wind >> i'm tempting fate out here. i have not put the rain cover on the camera. i am on the richmond stammer fell bridge and you can see the flag being blown around out here. there has not been a wind advisory issued year but there is what kind of bay area are wide right now. you can almost feel rain in the air right now. it feels like it is really close to letting loose out here. it doesn't rise as i got out here this morning but it looks like it is getting close. >> it has mainly been sticking in the north bay. you could see all the communities north of the golden gate bridge. when heavy rain is expected to hit portions of the north bay it looks like there are fell in the have a yellow of a scramble pushed around right around 613. brace yourselves, heavy rain is coming in the next 10 minutes or so. piquancy light rain for 1 01 stretching down from nevado. we are picking up some heavy rain along north bay coast
faster we turn to kron four solo reporter jackie sissel who >> what started out as a drunk driving stock has now turned into research and rescue. the drunk driving - pullover around 12:30 as there were getting information, the suspect got up and took off on the football tamale jumping over and into the corta madera creek given the heavy rainfall. the officer had contact with 100 yds with his flashlight as the suspect went down the creek, he ultimately lost contact and multiple agencies including the marin county water agency, the fire department, in the with the marin county water rescue were called. to start searching, we spoke with the police chief earlier. he spoke of the concerns he had. >> we are concerned with the swift moving water that he could have gotten caught up in the something. or possibly could have drowned. we are concerned for his safety and we are hoping that he is okay. there is a swift water rescue going up a creek. try to locate him. >> just to be clear, i am at the bridge, this incident started at two, 3 mi. closer to the town of ross this is where they ultimately s
but as it stands right now, no deal in washington. >> we are talking about the rain and wind and jackie sissel is at the richmond san revell told bridge plaza and that is a lot of wind on the flag there. >> there is. and now we have a mix of rain and wind and it is starting to real its head of the richmond toll plaza. all morning long it was basically dry but we had that stiff when that was lying 15 to 20 mi. an hour the last 15 minutes. the rate is starting to fall in you could see the roadway is wet out here. there is no wind advisory out here but i would not be surprised at all to see it issued soon. the clouds are starting to roll and and it is a wind and rain is blowing in sideways and it is cold. >> oh my gosh i can hear it. >> tax cuts go of all americans. >> wondering when wall street was start to react to know bill and marcia. today's the day. there is a rally for much of the week. >> >> in other business news a instagram has abandoned wording in its new term aa service agreement that sparked an outcry from a huge concern it migmeant their clothes could appear in advertisements. >> th
in the bay area. the highest tides of the year. jackie sissel is live in pacifica. >> we are still a couple of hours away from the highest point of the tied at 945. they're already waves at the pacifica pier crossing crushing on the boardwalk. you can see one of the king tides right they're blowing over the top of the sea wall. this happens a couple of times a year and this year is happening over the next three days. we're expecting to see is 7.0 tied. normally apartheid's r b 44 to 6 ft.. it is a foot higher. tomorrow is supposed to be worse than today. that means a lot of coastal flooding if you live below water. -- near the water. >> also flooding in marin for the mill valley exit 1 01 northbound. it was closed yesterday for flooding in the tide is rising around the bay today tomorrow and friday. higher than what we saw yesterday. >> remember we tell the e told you about the man and woman were bound and gagged. ? police are not releasing any details except the there is some sort of " extensive relationship ". they stayed there are still many unanswered questions such as whether the two w
for some delays in both directions. >> jackie sissel is live on the scene at board street with the very latest. this lady doesn't have any shoes! >> they are waiting to get back into their apartments. there is a building that was partially burned out earlier this morning. piquancy the fire truck is still out here on broad street. it is blocking the muni lines and it will probably be in effect for another 45 minutes or so. getting back to the fire, around 530 bay got a call to the apartment building with multiple units. there is a fire in the second floor and the back of one of the units. everyone was able to evacuate without any injuries. this fire he eventually went to two alarm. the firefighters are able to put out the alarm but what is that is basically they can't just take out one unit. smoke and water damage left a lot of people on the street. 35 residents are out on the street right now. we are not sure of all of them will need assistance from the red cross but those are the numbers that the red cross is giving us right now. they would go through the units to determine what caused
jackie sissel is in san rafael come it is for degrees below freezing. and it is 4 de--- four degrees below the freezing mark in dublin, you are going to need to scrape your windshield. we are not even at the coldest part of the morning but we are well below freezing >> yes, that is the unfortunate truth. they could drop a few more degrees at the we could get the latest from erica. >> good morning, james fa 50s for this afternoon i am surprised if there was not a freeze morning or defrost advisory. the east bay interior valleys, 28 in fairfield. concord, 29 very similar to yesterday the only difference is that it is not that cold to the heart of the bay. 44 and other areas, and it just depends on where you are. not that bad a latethe big story is the light rain is in a regatta. and a lot of clubs associated in the year rica. you recall ...we could see rain in eureka.... the rain chance this will continue to out of the day on friday. wet weather will stick around. in fact by saturday, more inches in the north bay, with one-3 in. anticipated for the bay area. for the afternoon highs? 50
in the storm over the weekend. we will give you more news faster let us go to our solo reported jackie sissel was out there to take a look at what they have to clean up. >> if i jackie. >> if they do have a lot to clean up the north bay was hit hard by the have arrayed over the weekend. white hill middle school sustained some damage so much in fact at the closed schools for the day. for classrooms were damaged. it is extremely visible. you can see the water pulling inside the classroom. and the mud that it accumulated. there is some construction going on barret. the >> no school here at why hill middle school in fairfax. they are expected to get crews out here in the next hour to resume the clean up. there will have to bring out the back hvacuums and hopefully get the school ready for class tomorrow. for classrooms were affected. part of the office also affected. they said it made more sense to close schools for the day. that is what they did. as i said the hope is that it will be ready for students tomorrow. >> i remember going to this middle school not as a student. i remember where you are
and one more found bound and gagged. jackie sissel is live outside of as a general with an update. >> a lot more questions coming from the san francisco police department. this is where both be the victims were brought last night. one of them has been pronounced dead at the hospital. here is a video for the same last night. according to sampras as the police officers around 830 last night are on the 900 block of brussels street and bay view 2 victims one male and one female were both found in the middle of the st bound and gagged. what we are told is that both victims were alive when police found them. they were transported to sam francisco general hospital there. one of the victims the mail believe to be in his 20s was pronounced dead. the other woman victim, no condition update on her so far. there are reports that she may have life-threatening injuries also. we don't even know what the injuries were. the spokesperson for the severance as the police department asked for public help. >> we are investigating this crime. any intimation would help. we are trying to canvass the missi
we find jackie sissel to tell us about what happened with the fire. >> everyone got out ok and that is a good news. the damage is done to these two- story apartment. right here you can see the bottom floor and as i cannot even see the top floor. both are from the same unit and they were lucky to get out. here is a video shot by the hayward fire department your ride on the scene around 4:00 a.m.. that is one that got the call of the fire at the 29,000 block of dickson street. a multi unit apartment complex. they did indeed find a fully engulfed unit and upstairs and downstairs. at that point they were told to people at self evacuate it. a mother and son had gotten out of the apartment but unharmed. they were ablenock on the flames relatively quickly. it only went to a single alarm. they do say that some smoke and water damage occurred at a nearby apartment. that had four people inside the apartment. in all six people were evacuated. that i am investigating a suspicious fire right now. there is reason to believe that this may have been intentionally set. that is why investiga
and there. let's get the latest on conditions with jackie sissel live at assets of this morning. the last we talked tv said the rain had kind of died down. is that the same? >> yes it is. it right until about 530 or so and then we started to see the rain dissipate out here. >> jackie i apologize we have to interrupt to the conference is starting now we will go to live. >> the lieutenant is going to deliver see you a message from the superintendent of schools. we will start with the schools right now. >> good morning and as you know the healing is still going on. the school is it working very closely with the faculty and need students and parents and trying to be respectful. we are trying to resume what normal soon see we can after the tragedy. we are trying to handle and addressed vast the needs of the students and the faculties. the plan is to try to rezone normal sea for school class as tomorrow except for those members at the sandy hook school. they will be excused until further notice. we are developing a plan to best handle that. >> thank you lieutenant. we will continue with the line o
knows that better than jackie sissel, he is in san rafael. >> it is well below zero. four degrees below zero this morning. the temperature has really not changed at all in the last two and a half hours out here. it has been hovering at 28 degrees. anyone that is just getting up in getting out to go to school or work will definitely have to get the ice scraper out. you'll probably find a lot of eyes are on this morning. definitely put on the extra layer of closed because it is cold out. >> there is a slight distortion and the sound, it makes it sound like you are shivering. >> i am shivering! >> is it so cold in the studio so we could feel jackies pain? >> in some spots it is actually colder than it was yesterday. we do not have a freeze warning or a frost advisory like we did yesterday at this time. sampras's coach is not too bad, 44 degrees in oakland. temperatures will climb in the mid to upper 50s. satellite and radar is tracking a storm. all the moisture will slide into the bay area. i was the timing of what to expect and when you will need that umbrella coming up and my next report
and it was controlled about an hour-and-a-half later. jackie sissel is live on the scene. >> @ looks like it is basically completely destroyed. crews are still out here as we speak. we are waiting to see fire investigators relatively sound looking at what they call a suspicious fire. around 1:00 this morning is when this fire broke out. when they got out here they quickly called it a second alarm. according to pg&e person i spoke with he said when they got out there one of the main to going into the house had ruptured and flames were going into the house about 10 to 12 ft. in the air. firefighters were stepping back to keep the fire from spreading. the genie was able to turn off the gas line and they were able to put out the fire. -- the gnp. two people were taken the house vote was not life-threatening injuries. -- hospital and you can see this pet house is completely destroyed. >> a teenage boy shot and killed a 15 year-old girl and injured 814 year-old boy as they walked on line and wave your 66 ave and oakland. the victims were walking with a group of friends and family members yester
this story in walnut creek, a person is dead after an officer involved shooting. jackie sissel is live on the scene. >> i am on the 1400 block of creekside drive. the contra costa sheriff's department also remain out here for a shooting that happened a couple of hours ago. here's video from a earlier this morning. we're being told that the 911 called 21453 creekside drive around three this morning. officers got there and apparently shots were fired. one of the suspects were shot and killed and no injuries and cure it occurred to be walnut creek officers. we spoke of the spokesperson for the walnut creek police department and he spoke of the incident. >> we received a call this morning at 315 and there was screaming in the background. officers arrived shortly thereafter. the transmission at three not scene of shots fired. there was an officer involved shooting and all the officers are ok. there is one suspect deceased and there is no one outstanding. we're not looking for anyone and that is pretty much all the information we have at this point. >> any shots fired by the officer? >> we d
. >> the fire breaking out about 1:00 this morning. let us turn to jackie sissell live on the scene. >> pg&e crews are live try to fix a gas line that was structured during the fire. >> you can see them duo ing the password. >> it looks to be destroyed from the fire. the fire broke out around 1:00 this morning and went to two alarms. according to one pg&e person he says the gas line had ruptured. they are waiting for pg&e to turn off the gas. once it was turned off they contain the fire to the one unit. this is good news. we are being told that at least two people were sent to a local hospital as what is being described as non life- threatening injuries. this is good news. they are also calling fire suspicious in nature. we anticipate seeing the fire investigators back out here relatively soon. a lot of activity going on here. as soon as we did new information we will tell you more. >> thank you jackie we will check with you throughout the morning. >> a man is been injured in a shooting in east oakland. >> police found a man suffering from a gunshot wound responding to reports of shooting
reporter jackie sissel who joins us live from greenbrae. jackie? >> this was a returroutine dui dui stock or, once they were obtaining his information. it was clear that he was not going to stay. he jumped off and running, jumped the fence, and jump in the corta madera creek. they lost sight of him after about 100 yds and it turned into a search and rescue. they even brought in the fire department, and the marin county sheriff's department and the water to rescue to iteam from marin county. and some of the concerns officials. >> we are very concerned is swift water, he could have got caught up in something or possibly have drowned. we are concerned for his safety we are hoping that he is okay. we currently have a water rescue boat out. it is going up and try to locate him. >> as i mentioned, they adjust pulled out of here, they have-just out pulled out here, and as it did break begins, they will resume the search. >> a bleak tone on congress. a bleak tone from some in congress sunday on reaching a deal with the white house to avoid the fiscal cliff. president obama and congress it will be
reporter jackie sissel joins us live from s f zero. good morning jackie. >> good morning anny. i came from the north bay a lot of rain out there. a lot of wind actually in the north bay. you will wake up to wet weather. the good news is not super cold. probably in the '50s. you will need your windshield wipers of the drizzle looks like it is here to stay. >> i was coming in last night from san diego my flight from s f zero was cancelled. >> my mother's flight was delayed. >> if you know if there were any reports of the late flights out of as at all. >> not yet. i will go on and check the board. ithis is the holiday season. it will be a big deal if the flights are delayed because of weather issues. >> stay dry. as we see that heavy drizzle coming out at s f o. here is james. good morning. >> let us turn our attention to erica. it is the kind of scattered and light at the hour is that what we would expect for most of the morning? >> yes james. kind of a heavy mist. you will need to use your when joy wipers. we're not talking onding or flooding. drive with extra caution. leave home a bit earl
's rain. kron fours jackie sissel is live in marin county. >> jackie work in i on river levels. >> i am at the creek and see the rain coming down not real hard to james but it is coming down at the creek you can see the water rushing under the bridge. it waa website that monitors creek levels of now the creek level is aroun fourd for feed which is a far cry from what was. >> around 4 ft.. people here are extremely nervous the remember 2005 the new year's slug that inundated downtown every time we get a significant amount of rain everyone immediately starts watching this creek. so far it has not filled over. anytime we get any amount of rain we start to watch it. a big part of this is they have gone through the efforts to make sure this creek is constantly clear out no obstruction to you can see how many trees and how much brush exist out here. in its i we have rain the debris get stuck and that is what causes the flood. we are watching the creek level to make sure it does not get any higher. people are not familiar with the location that creek runs through the downtown area. >> yes down
and norman were found bound and gagged in the bayview district. our solo reporter jackie sissel has the latest. >> good morning marc. this is for both that the laws were brought we are waiting on information about a woman. one of the two victims that were found last night has died here at the hospital. here is a video from last night according to san francisco police officers to victims a male and a female wolf found around 8:30 p.m. o900 were found gagged. both were alive when they found them. the male victim is believed to be in his 20s because of what ever injuries he sustained at around midnight he was pronounced dead here. we're being told the woman's condition has not been updated but we are we do believe condition is life- threatening. we had a chance to talk to a spokesperson from the san francisco police department there is not a lot of information. >> if we are basically investigating the crime for any information would help we are trying to canvass the area to determine where the crime happened if it happen here or if it happened at another location and were dumped here t
. to give you more news faster we turn to kron 4 solo 4 jackie sissel 20 joins us live from pacifica. >> we will see a huge tide a 7.0. tomorrow a 7.1. tomorrow will be the biggest day. pacifica is always notorious this will be a place where you will see the waves crashing over the seawall presumably. another thing it is extremely windy out here mark. also the rain is coming sideways. you get a combination. it is not as bad as it could be. it could get really ugly. nonetheless we will see a huge appetite for the next three days. >> thank you jackie we saw the closure of 101 northbound in marin at the mill valley exit because of flooding yesterday's the tides will be hire to day tomorrow and friday. >> thank you mark. pg&e crews and san mateo county are working to restore power in the area of montero and moss beach. the outage was reported around 930 leaving roughly 4800 customers without power. the outage began in the area of second avenue and main street in montero. the result of a transformer fire. at last check about 330 customers were still affected. pg said he hopes to have power resto
andre >> kron fours jackie sissel is at the richmond san rafeal bridge keep an eye on conditions. we saw the rain coming our way now let us see what it is like out there in the morning jacket. it looks when it. >> it is windy. it is dry. the roadway is dry. i live in the bottle and i got up this morning the road was wet there was no rain but the wind right now at the richmond san rafael bridge. >> i saw a chp officer drive across the bridge is those people will put out the wind advisory on the bridges. it would not surprise me to see it in an advisory on the bridge. it is probably 15 decating miles per hour at the toll plaza out on the censors banned. more bus and went out there. it is dry for now. we are expected to see rain in the near future. >> thank you jackie. >> as he said the chp calls for the wind advisory on the span. one is issued with a bait bridgefor the bay bridge. >> good morning james the rain is on the way. moisture sitting offshore. the big store would be the man a wind advisory in effect until 4:00 a.m. for the north bay mountains. that has since expired, however it is
rejected a measure on the ballot that would have kept them funded and operating. jackie sissel is on the scene with the latest on the situation out there. this is something that will impact the communities, specifically where stations are located. >> you are correct as the station for in walnut creek that is on the chopping block. this is one of the four stations scheduled to be closed and the contra costa fire county district. here is some video of the firefighters at work. we talked about the partial tax called measure q and had failed in november. that would have kept the contra costa fire in a country distich fully funded. because it was shot down there have to close down four of the stations here. they hope to save about $3 million a year out of their $102 million annual budget. which ones will be closed? this one here is on the chopping block, station no. 4. also on the block is at station 11 stations well in march and as a as well as station no. 16 and lafayette. that leaves two stations and lafayette. the stations that were chosen were based on call volume and how many
. >> we have solo reporter jackie sissel. you do not want to park here probably. >> probably not a good idea we talk about high tide. it is not just a high tide is taking the tide. it is the highest tide of the entire year. i am in a parking lot right off of 101. we are expecting to see that high tide roll in at around 1034. it would be a 7.2 high tide. last week it was 5.2. we will see a high, high tide. in fact the yesterday was the first day of the king tide. here is the video of this parking lot. is a low- lying area about a quarter mile away from the bay. yesterday's was extreme. you can see two-3 ft. of water here in the parking lot. i did have a chance to talk to people who are out here this morning that said i will still parked out here and they give the reasons why. >> i have been parking here for so many years. high or low tides that i do not believe i will have any issues. tomorrow may be a different day with weather on the horizon. but none for today. >> i am willing to take a chance. a friend of mine had a foot of water in his car one year. he is not so anxious to park here
outside. jackie sissel is outside of general hospital where the woman is in the hospital. jackie was the man pronounced dead last night or the dye cost? >> if he died at a hospital last night about midnight. at seventh set of general this were both victims were brought. there--at san francisco general this is where the victims were brought. around 830 last night on the noun hundred block of brussels in the bayview district--900 block to victims were found a male and female. both were transferred to san francisco general or the male victim believed to be in his 20s was pronounced dead. we are not sure of the woman's condition. they're not releasing any details. the last word we had what she had life-threatening injuries. much more in the way of questions than answers. we talked a spokesperson for the seventh to go police department asking for the public's heahelp. >> any information would help. we are trying to canvass the area to determine where the crime actually happen. if it happen here or another location. that is the part of the investigation will try to reach out to the com
it flooded the park and ride there. >> to get more news faster let us turn to solo reported jackie sissel. jackie the tide rolled in route 1033. >> yes that is about right it will be a little higher than was yesterday. you can see cars are parked out here and the debris that was led from yesterday. >> it got so bad they put up a sign letting people know about the fact that they expect to see flooding because of the king died today and through the week. >> here is video from yesterday's. yesterday we had a king tied one of the largest of the entire year. today is actually the largest of the year. yesterday was 7.1. today we are expected to see a 7.2 even higher than yesterday. >> in the north bay along the bayfront we are expected to see more of the same. they are warning people that if you live or part in this area be aware that it is coming. around 1030 this morning we expect to see it. that means around 9-930 will see the water level increase. if you normally park in this area my suggestion is to take a bus and walk or ride your bike or do something other than park here. by around 1030-
back to work. there are some people get into trouble already for the holidays. jackie sissel is at as after all this morning taking a look at conditions there. >> i am standing here and it is raining but i look to the west and see blue skies coming my way. there is a little bit of everything now. we are right in the very beginning of the holiday travel season the next couple weeks between now and new year's. we will have millions of people travelling in and out of sfo. you'll see long lines and lots of families with small kids traveling. it will make the process a little slower. we all expect it this time of year. even with the weather we're having here, there are minor delays may be about half hour to 45 minutes. it is not too bad. at a chance to talk to some travelers earlier this morning about traveling at this time of year. >> we are going to hawaii and it has been easy so far. we are super excited to get out the bad weather for a little while. >> so you came into this knowing what to expect? >> as far straddling? yes. it has not been bad so far but we will see how the re
. jackie sissel is live in greengrae. >> search and rescue teams are out here. they suspended the search kron 430 a m. now that daybreak has broken they are backed out looking. >> a whole thing started at around 12:30 p.m. last night in the town of dross. >> according to ross police department a pithey pulled over a suspect for a d.u.i.. >> he took off on foot and jump over a fence and ultimately jumped into a creek. it is swollen now giving the rain we have had over the weekend. >> they had visual contact for about 100 yds. they kept encouraging him to get out of the water. ultimately they lost contact at that point they started to call in other agencies. the marin county sheriff's border. the canfield fire department. >> they called and a swift water rescue boat. it was out earlier this morning. they searched for about four hours. ultimately they suspended the search. you can see volunteers are back out here searching the creekside. apparently what they will do is walk on the creek we are at the bridge in greenbrae. >> they will walk the length of the creek to see if they see any evide
valleys. we will check out your forecast and a minute but first let's go check out with jackie sissel. >> good morning all lot of people are waking up to a lots of drops and eyes on the windshield this morning. i'm in downtown walnut creek where the temperatures stood at 38 degrees. it has not really changed much in the last couple of hours i've been out here. i did start the day and the north bay and it was right at the freezing level. nevado is even closer. the frost advisory is expected to expire at 8:00 a.m.. it is so cold out there and you'll have to grab a pair of love and and hat this morning. >> breaking down today, there is a slight chance of a drop or two today but it will mainly be by the coast. that is where we're looking at light rain this afternoon. it is cold, a frosted by azeri in effect for at least another half hour. it will stay cold all morning long and this evening we will be mainly dry but chilly as well. temperatures will drop back down to the upper 30's low 40's. tomorrow we will have some light rain bay area wide. we'll break that down for you in detail coming
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30

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